2023 is the year for ads

I just love New Years resolutions.

I’m honestly not always the most goal-oriented person (something about the gut feeling that speaks so much clearer to me).

But I absolutely make a point out of looking back at my goals from the previous year and taking note of my highlights, lowlights, and lessons learned. Then this naturally becomes a plan for next year.

Last year, a few of us got together and created a plan of 22 plans in 2023. Here’s a snapshot. I was only 7 for 22. BUT the inspiration and growth were huge. I’m carrying that into this year with even bigger goals. 🙌🏾

My biggest takeaway from 2022?

I gotta be smarter about my time.

Simple as that.

I want to do SO MUCH and I don’t want to give up on a lot of things. So really the only way to do this is to work smarter. Set things in auto-pilot. Reuse things I’ve created already.

This is where ads really do their thing.

I don’t know about you, but for me, marketing is by far the biggest challenge when it comes to spending time in my business. So much trial and error, and guessing. And for those of us that aren’t natural salespeople, well…

This is also my biggest issue with social media as a marketing channel. You don’t know whether your time on these platforms will lead to sales (because does more followers and likes really result in selling more books?). You also spend a ton of time creating content, and then there’s too much temptation to not work on work-related things and engaging for fun.

I do love creating business content on TikTok. That’s a little different since I enjoy it.

In general, it’s worth being present in these places, so I’m by no means suggesting that we ditch social media. But I think we need to go ahead and accept that we need to pay to play…and ads play an important role to getting our books discovered.

So this year, I’m spending more time and intention on making and maintaining winning ads. More time making sure they’re optimized, and budgeting so that they can run at the best times.

I challenge you to do the same.

If you have been itching to learn more about Amazon ads, consider taking a course. If you don’t want to run ads yourself, consider having someone run them for you. I speak heavily on Amazon because it’s my current favorite, but the same is true for ads on other platforms. TitTok, Facebook, IG are great for organic traffic but ads take them to the next level.

My challenge to you

Don’t overthink it. Pick a platform, set a budget, and free yourself up to do more of what you love.

And of course, I’m always here to help figure it out. Set up time or book a service below and let’s do some dope things this year. 👏🏾

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